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repair internet explorer

If your Internet explorer has stopped working and it bothers you a lot then we will suggest you to do not waste any more time just pick your phone and call us our live experts.

If your question is "My Internet Explorer has stopped working in Vista when I am surfing. What should I do to fix the problem?"  Then most probably we must suggest you few things to troubleshoot in your computer.

Browser may stops working for many reasons

A). If you are facing “Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working"

Internet explorer has stopped working

B)."IE encountered a problem and needs to close"

Internet Explorer encountered a problem and needs to close

C).“A problem caused the program to stop working correctly

For any reason windows will stop the program and will notify you if solutions is available.

IE Temporary Files

Explorer always store cookies of visited Web Pages to help you have a fast responses visit a website that you have visited previously. But sometimes, too many temporary files may slow down your IE browser. What can be worse, sometimes it will freeze up.


Add-ons or Plug-ins can enhance your online experience, but they sometimes interfere/conflict with other programs on your computer, especially some suspicious add-ons or plug-ins could make your Windows Explorer very uneasy and stopped working when you try to open a website.

Registry errors

If you have some registry errors in your computer that is related to browser, your IE will also stopped working.

Incompatible programs

Sometimes, browser crashes because you by knowingly or unknowingly are trying to install a program that is incompatible with browser.

Virus or spyware inflection

Virus or spyware are the another main cause to stop your Browser.

Internet explorer has stopped working

There are many of  the things that could stop your web browser(IE), sometimes it to freeze up, disappear, or do not allow to start. Sometimes, the message "IE Has Stopped Working" pops up, but IE seems working after canceling those pop ups.

Repair Internet explorer

Many times it has been seen that Windows Explorer can be fixed easily but sometimes it not. Sometimes your browser settings can get spoiled up by malware, unnecessary toolbars or other add-ons software, causing the browser to malfunction. Resetting IE to its default settings may fix the problem. Our online certified technicians will help you to repair Internet explorer on real time via remote assistance tool.

Mostly people prefer to use Windows default browser. This is consider one of the best in experience browser ever. Microsoft delivers a regular updates on their browser performance. And periodically they introduce new and advance versions of Internet explorer. This browser by default come with windows computer, so automatically it is the most preferable browser always. Very safe and secured encrypted with bit security and most reliable browser.

Sometimes it may happen due to corrupted files and bad Internet connection you may face challenge in login to browser and your "Internet explorer has stopped working" and you can have a hard time to get online. But there are very easy steps to follow in solving many of the issues with browser to fix. And if any how you may not fix these issues kindly pick your phone and dial our support lines for technical experts to fix it instantly.

If your Internet stops working then don't panic and we are a phone call away from your reach in your service.

Reset Internet explorer

The first thing you can do in general is to reset your web browser. Almost 75% of the issue resolves once IE resets. Below mentioned steps, how to reset Internet explorer and your browser:

1. Close all Windows Explorer in your computer that are currently open.

2. Then Start fresh new IE window.

3. Go to Tools menu, click Internet options. If you don't see the Tools menu, you can press ALT.

4. In the Internet Options window, click the Advanced tab.

5. Click Reset. If you're using Windows IE 6, click on "Restore Default".

6. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset. (Select the Delete personal settings check box if you also want  to remove browsing history, search providers, Accelerators, home pages, Tracking Protection, and ActiveX Filtering data.)

7. When it finishes applying default settings, click Close and then click OK.

8. Exit and then again start windows Explorer.

Your IE ready to use and issues will be fixed automatically.

But still facing problem then give us a call and we promise you to fix the problem.

Remove Unnecessary Toolbars

Many times it has been seen that unnecessary add-ons and toolbars can messed and let your “Internet explorer stopped working”, it also can slow down the performance of your browser which conclusively gives you errors. It is very obvious to think, how it came to your computer being you are very cautious about security of your computer. Knowingly or unknowingly it installed in your PC without your knowledge by games or utility programs. Below mentioned step will help you how to remove unnecessary toolbars from your browser.

Set your default search engine for your browser

Disable Unnecessary Add-ons

Add-ons are nothing but to give you some special experience make things easy for your browsing experience but most of the times it can slow down IE or cause “Internet Explorer has stopped working” errors. Here are the steps to disable unnecessary Add-ons from your Internet explorer browser:

Open IE browser and and click on ‘Tools’ then go to on ‘Manage Add-ons’ but in case you cannot go to IE, go to control panel- Click on Internet options in Programs tab and then click Manage addons button. In Manage addons options -

Check the list of add-ons that are currently Enabled. Don’t touch those Addons which comes under with headings of Microsoft, your security programs like anti-virus and rest all addons you can disable then and there. Once it confirms you the addons disabled close addons window and close IE

Restart IE browser and check is it all working good now? If still IE crashes re-enable one add-on then test again to see if IE crashes. Repeat the process of re-enabling one add-on at a time to test until IE does crash. The last add-on that you enabled will be the one that is causing the errors. Only disabled the last one which is the culprit of being crashed your IE or update it to a new version if there is one available.

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